We seek to help at-risk youth entangled within today's gang culture

Hardknox Gang Prevention & Intervention

Gang Prevention and Intervention

HardKnox Gang Prevention and Intervention
Pueblo, Colorado
Hardknox Gang Prevention & Intervention

The goal of the Hardknox program is to promote positive change internally and mentally by reducing violence, raising awareness, and building self-efficacy in the program participants.

This is accomplished by emphasizing educational achievement, strategic life skills training, building intrinsic motivation, personal health and well-being and identifying treatment and counseling needs.

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Benefits of a Gang Prevention & Intervention Program:

We seek to teach participants how to create a cost/benefit analysis related to their decision-making process regarding peers, criminal/anti-social and impulsive thinking.

Provide participants with skills essential with improving their quality of life. Provide education and support to families.

Hardknox Gang Prevention & Intervention


Hardknox Executive Director and Founder, Mark A. Salazar, is trained in MI and CBT.  He delivers treatment and mentoring via Evidence-Based Strategies through the Phoenix Curriculum.

Hardknox Gang Prevention & Intervention

Our Goals and Objectives

Substance Abuse Education
Family Support and/or lack thereof
Developing Positive Leisure
Developing Empathy
Educational barriers
Establishing positive personal & social bonds
Setting healthy personal & social boundaries
Independently identifying emotional & moral support systems
Opening communication lines to build trust and/or re-enforce it
Learning to listen
Goal Setting
Recognizing & controlling anger
Becoming assertive & punctual
Learning effective conflict resolution skills
Identifying feeling & triggers
Learning how to deal with jealously
Adapting to change
Identifying pitfalls of childhood, adolescence, tweens, and adulthood
Taking personal inventory of yourself
Listing your principles morals & values
What is stress & how to deal with it
Identifying relationships that cause or enable addictions
Why do people become abusive?
Taking responsibility for actions
Core Beliefs and Values